Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Have You Made the Switch Yet?

In case you missed it Returned Sheep is being retired.

In its place is ‘one new branch’, my new blog. If you’re ready to make the jump, head on over to the new site and read today’s post. While you’re there have a look around, subscribe to the RSS feed and leave a comment.

See you there!

Monday, April 12, 2010

out with the old, in with the new

Moving day

Image by GeekMom Heather via Flickr

This post represents to last post here at Returned Sheep. But don’t worry, I’m not totally closing up shop. My blogging is about to take a new direction.

This new blogging venture can be found at onenewbranch.com. The purpose of ‘one new branch’ is to help cultivate the call to pastoral ministry in the lives of those who are serving and those who love the church.

So head on over to the new site and have a look around. We are in the early stages so be patient as more content will be arriving soon. Don’t forget to subscribe to the RSS feed in your favorite reader!

p.s. – Please tell your friends about the blog on facebook, twitter, and on your own blog. I would really appreciate the promotion!

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