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I am a Buckeye by birth. Columbus, Ohio is my hometown; it's the place where I spent the first eighteen or so years of my life. Actually I'm from Upper Arlington, a suburb, but we always wrote 'Columbus' as our return address.

I met my wife Lindsay while we were in high school. Even though we both grew up under the shadow of The Ohio State University we both managed to head southeast, ending up in little Athens, Ohio. As a student at Ohio University I studied (and boy did I study) to pursue a degree in Civil Engineering. To make a long story short, six years later I graduated with a degree in Philosophy.

After graduation Lindsay and I got married, packed up all our belongings, and moved to the great city of Chicago. Lindsay worked full time while I studied at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School. I finished four years later with a Master of Divinity degree.

Not long after graduation our first daughter Evelyn decided to show up. She is our natural born Cubs fan. We spent the first two years of her life waiting and waiting to see where the Lord might lead us.

It was early 2005 when we got the call to come to Williamsburg, Iowa to pastor the Cornerstone Evangelical Free Church. Our years of suburban living didn't prepare us all that much for living amidst corn, cattle, and hog confinements. Nevertheless the transition from city to country was made easy by our church family.

Since that time two more little girls have joined our family; Anna (2006) and Lydia (2008). This is home for us. We love our church and we love our community. We are watching our girls grow up and we are watching our church mature in Christ.

This is an unfinished story. As a husband, father, pastor, and disciple of Jesus Christ my story is still being written. The pages of my personal story will appear on our family blog (thenygrens.com). Here you will find pages written about pastoring, preaching, reading, theology, ministry, culture, technology, and life.

If you are a reader and/or a subscriber to this blog simply, thanks. I will do my best to post things worth reading.
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