Saturday, December 29, 2007

What are you doing New Year's Eve?

We've had both eventful and lame New Years in the past. I remember 12/31/1999; kinda lame, not because of where we were (or who we were with, my apologies to the Thompsons and the Webbs), but because my Y2K survival kit went unused.

Then there was 12/31/2005. Living in the Central time zone is generally lame; the ball drops here at 11:00 pm. But that night as the ball dropped, my wife's contractions were getting closer and closer together. Two and a half hours later Anna entered the world as the first baby born in Johnson County, Iowa in 2006.

I don't know what to expect on Monday. We're not going anywhere that I know of. Just another night with Dick Clark rockin' in the new year. What is both incredible and frightening at the same time is what God holds for us in 2008. With Christ's return still up in the air (pardon the pun), there may not even be a 2008. Then again, someone someday will be thinking the same thing on 12/31/3007.

I won't be happy if everything is the same for us 365 days from now (or is it 366, isn't this a leap year?) I need to be shaken up a little bit this year. Lord willing not the Job kind of shaken up, but maybe something like the Peter kind...maybe?

Anyone else?


  1. I don't want any more shaking up in my life. I know God is up to something, I'm just trying to sit back and wait. I'm tired of going to messed up churches and today (not literally today, but recently) I find myself in an evfree church. I'm looking forward to the next new year's eve to see if my stress levels are lessened.

    Great to see you in the blogosphere!

  2. Remembering the past...
    Rob (of "the Thompsons")


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