Friday, April 24, 2009

Back from Chicago

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I feel like I just got back from the All-Star Game. Even though I did sneak in a visit to Wrigley Field the real event was taking place at the Rosemont Convention Center. I'm talking about this year's Gospel Coalition Conference. If you missed it, then take the time to listen to the messages posted online. When do you ever get to hear an entire book of the Bible preached through by some of the best evangelical preachers of our time?

What stood out to me was that although no two messages or preachers were the same, each one tied in so well with the others. Can I pick a favorite? I'm not sure, but a front runner would have to be K. Edward Copeland. Talk about preaching with fire!

Another highlight apart from the messages has to be the freebies. I walked away with a free ESV Study Bible, a smattering of book courtesy of the various publishers represented there, and bag full of books thanks to the Band of Bloggers Not too shabby.
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