Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Blogging Mere Christianity - Part 1

In recent months I've had a number of people express to me that they always wanted to read the book Mere Christianity by C.S. Lewis. This book has been one of my favorite reads and deserves another read through.

I proposed to some to read this book together and discuss over winter break. Now I know that some (like myself) haven't had a winter break in years. According to my calendar tomorrow is Christmas Eve and the kids are out of school.

So let's begin. Here's something that caught my eye only a couple pages into the preface:

"One of the things Christians are disagreed about is the importance of their disagreements. When two Christians of different denominations start arguing, it its usually not long before one asks whether such-and-such a point "really matters" and the other replies: "Matter? Why, it's absolutely essential." (p. vii.)

What things do you consider "absolutely essential" to what you believe? How do you determine what is "absolutely essential" and what might not "really matter"? What do you do when you find yourself at odds with another Christian on "such-and-such" a point?

Looking forward to reading this (again) with you and reading your thoughts.
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