Thursday, October 15, 2009

Intellectual Blind Spots

Nets Legend Julius Erving - Dr. JImage by NBANets via Flickr

In a recent post to The Thomas Society blog site Dr. Matt Jordan identifies Five False Assumptions "that atheistic and skeptical commentators...routinely make...[and] that run so deep that they aren’t even noticed."

Dr. J says,
"I’ve got three goals: (1) Identify these assumptions, these intellectual blind spots; (2) show that these assumptions are contentious claims that need to be defended–they shouldn’t be treated as obvious truths that all rational persons must acknowledge; and (3) show that these assumptions are false.

I’m confident I can do (1) and pretty sure I can do (2). I doubt I can pull off (3) here, but I’ll take a stab."

Check out his post and see if you agree.
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